Free Walk in Venice

Free Walk in Venice – in partnership with We_Crociferi.

Free Walk in Venice is an activity promoted by Isola Tour, a cultural association. It’s a non-profit organization surviving only on the work of volunteers and on the donations of people involved in the activities.

The Association offers free walking tours. The goal is letting visitors discover another Venice, not the touristic, well-known one, but the one lived by locals. This allows to appreciate the hidden corners of the city, that have been found with a great effort of time, passion and curiosity.

The tour is made of a constant, mutual exchange on the history of the city, on the cultural features and on the architectural traits seen on the way. The travelers are given advice on the attractions not to be missed and on the ‘must-sees’. This way they can make the most of their vacation time.

During the tours with Free Walk in Venice the participants are given tips on restaurants and such. In those places visitors can eat and drink being sure they won’t be fooled with prices; moreover, the restaurants and pubs recommended are all high-quality and mostly appreciated by the local people.

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